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  1. Guest
    I have seen guides for the video portion of an mpeg/VCD/avi etc...
    but I have not seen nor been able to find one on enhancing the
    quality of the audio portion of an avi. I know about all of the tools
    and how to use them, I have before, but never to do this.

    Any ideas or links for more info?

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  2. Panasonic DMR-ES45VS, keep those discs a burnin'
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  3. Guest
    Thank You Kitty! I was still searching and found this post at just about
    the same time you did. (Duh on my part). (BTW: I really like the links
    on the site you have listed in your sig).

    If I could ask, I do have another question:
    I have several avi's that are apparently NOT stereo. The audio only
    comes out of one speaker. The audio also has a "AM Radio" sound to it.

    Since I am not working with the original recording is there anyway to
    change the audio to at least sound half way decent?

    Thanks again!
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