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  1. Saturday I received my order from of the following:

    25 Meritline +RW for $3.48 each
    100 Meritline ACCU -R for $1.09 each

    They both work great in my Sony DRU500A burning movies.

    They play on:

    Pioneer 525
    Lite On LTD 163 and Pioneer DVD-116 in the PC.
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  2. Upgraded the DRU-500A's firmware to 1.0d and burned my first ever DVD+R (just happened to buy some on sale this morning).

    It burned successfully in just 22 minutes for 4 gigs of home video data as DVD video.

    It was a Philips DVD+R.

    Someone else here upgraded to 1.0d and got DVDPro DVD-RW to work, which had failed under 1.0c!

    Good news so far
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  3. WOOOT All i have to say is you people who are having problems with the DRU500a need to stop your whining and do alittle reading before you post comments and make yourself look silly. I have been reading many fourms ( is another great dvd burning fourm) for the last couple weeks while waiting for my order. Well i got it today and bought 25 purple bottom Ritek -r dvds from PCNation (25 spool) with the serial c1-xxxx on the dvd's (i assume these are actual ritek's). I used dvd decrypter to make an image of Alice's Restaurant dvd (started with this one because the whole dvd is less then 4.7GB). Oh I must mention, I had no problem getting the Sony to work with another dvd drive on the same system (Pioneer DVD-116). dvd decrytper reconized the drive with no problems and burnt with no errors or problems. Burnt the complete dvd in about 50min at 1x. And to tell u the truth thats faster then what i first thought it would be so i am happy until 2x dvd's get cheaper. Now for the real results the dvd played in every dvd player in the house

    Pioneer DVD-116
    Lite On LTR-40125S
    Trydex TX-1133 (standalone)
    And now for the ringer baby

    Play Station 2 (without the module) This one blew my mind

    And i will be testing it on many more and I will post the results. I have a feeling i'm gonna have 80% - 90% results.

    Bottom line - This drive OWNS and for the few of you who think different DO MORE RESEARCH before you whine and cry !!!!!
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  4. for your ps2 copy..i have a question
    is your ps2 modded? if so what chip?

    what game you burn...? i have a ps2 unmoded...will be very interested to see how that work
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  5. No my playstation is NOT moded thats why i about hit the floor when it worked. I haven't tried a game yet but the movie played just fine.
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  6. Originally Posted by AfterTase
    No my playstation is NOT moded thats why i about hit the floor when it worked. I haven't tried a game yet but the movie played just fine.
    oh..i thoght you make a perfect copy of ps2 game and play on your unmoded ps2...that would blow me away too

    As for the dvd should work on your ps2 suprise there
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  7. I'm having trouble burning any media with - (-r, -rw) ... so far so good with +r +rw!!!

    What software are you using?? I'm using the most current nero!!!
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  8. Originally Posted by VEFF
    Upgraded the DRU-500A's firmware to 1.0d...
    Sony DRU-500A Support page....

    Just to save everybody some time.... Sony's site is not easiest to navigate

    And.... I was reading somewhere that Ahead relesed new version of Nero with same number on November 6th, 2002. I don't know details, but I think it's good to know.
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    I was in Sam's Club yesterday, Monday, November 11, and found Verbatim DVD+RW media in the 10 pack for $26.52. Regular jewel cases, Verbatim brand name all over them. I burned one last night, worked perfectly in my Apex 3201 and Pioneer 434 stand-alone DVD players.

    I also purchased a 5 pack of Phillips DVD+RW disks at CompUSA for $19.95, and burned one of those with the same good results. (I was at CompUSA before I went to Sams and discovered the great deal there.)

    All of this was before I updated the firmware on my drive.

    It begins to sound like just about any +RW media will be a safe bet. The problems are with -R media. I have 50 of the Ritek gold top/purple bottom disks here. I have burned three of them with good results, but they only burn at 1x. Cost with shipment was under $1 each. What I want now is -R media which will burn at 4x and cost under $1 each (Grin!).
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  10. what program are you using to burn you all???

    and has anyone made DVD-VCD out of it yet???

    because MyDVD sucks making DVD-VCD, because it only hold like 200+ mins!!!
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  11. I bought 100 riteks from for $83 plus $7 shipping. 25 burned with DRU-500a and no coasters so far. Ordered 200 more. Buring at 1x with both Ulead VS6 and with Decrypter. I'm happy.
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  12. Originally Posted by aznguy
    what program are you using to burn you all???

    and has anyone made DVD-VCD out of it yet???

    because MyDVD sucks making DVD-VCD, because it only hold like 200+ mins!!!
    I am using Stomp RecordNow Max 4.5 exclusively.

    Wasted a lot of money burning (with my old DVD burner too, not just the DRU-500A) coasters with Nero:
    Nero DVD video discs only work on 1 of 3 DVD players.
    Stomp DVD video discs work on all 3 DVD players!
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  13. Sony Recommended Discs and Compatibility for the
    DRU-500A and DRX-500UL DVD/CD Rewritable Drive

    This page contains information about the types of writable disc that can be used with the DRU-500A and DRX-500UL DVD/CD rewritable drives.

    Here is another list put together from user feedbacK:
    DRU-500A updated alphabetized meda list (Nov 9 2002) (prior to firmware upgrade)

    Here are a few comments from folks who have done the firmware upgrade and the media that they can now use.

    Updated the firmware to 1.0d and now the DVDPro DVD-RW that never worked before now works in my DRU-500a
    I upgraded to 1.0d about 35 minutes ago myself.
    It also seems faster as promised.

    I just burned my first ever DVD+R (always bought DVD-R up until now,
    with both my previous DVD-R burner and my dual DVD burner DRU-500A)

    It was a Philips 2.4X DVD+R disc and burned in 22 minutes for 4 gigs
    Now going to test it on my stand-alone DVD player.
    Just did the upgrade and it went fine after the reboot.
    I re-tried some cheap re-writables that I bought at a local computer show that the drive wouldn't even recognize before and "WOW" the drive sees them and I can even use them now.(1X only but hey, now they work) Hmmmm, maybe I won't take the damn thing back after all.
    Report after upgrade:
    there is a slight increase in the speed of writing to dvd-r
    I used Accu dvd-r 1x and dvddecryptor to burn...

    Before with 1.0c firmware:
    the speed varies from 0.8 to 1.0x
    Now with 1.0d firmware:
    the speed stay mostly at 1.0x...sometimes 0.9x but i would say 90% of the time is 1.0x
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  14. The following also work:
    (I didn't try them before upgrading, but they
    do work with firmware 1.0d)

    Philips 2.4X DVD+R
    KHypermedia 1X DVD-R
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  15. I just got my Sony DRU-500A and this is what I got from the follow buring using Nero I'm burning .img, .ifo, etc...files.

    Memorex DVD-R ver.2.0 2X - 5 out of 5 coasters
    Verbatim DVD-R ver.2.0 2X - 3 out of 3 coasters
    Sony DVD-RW ver. 1.1 1X - 2 successful
    Sony DVD+RW ver. 1.0 2.5X - 1 successful

    After that I upgraded the Sony firmware to 1d, and burn the following media:

    Sony DVD-RW 2 out of 2 successful
    Sony DVD+RW 3 out of 3 successful
    TDK DVD-R ver.2.0 2X 1 out of 1 successful

    Princo DVD-R 1X 3 out of 3 coasters<br /> <br /> Ritek DVD-R 1X ...e at Meritline Kind of pricey but I can live with it if it's reliable.
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  16. Does anyone knows of any reliable 2X media. I saw this one at Meritline [/url] Kind of pricey but I can live with it if it's reliable.
    I don't have a burner yet. I have been reading all about the DRU-500A for the past week now. Right now I am researching all the media that is compatible with it. I went to earlier today. They have a section labeled "DVD Media for Sony DRU-500". Those disks you asked about are found on the list. I am also guessing they are made by Meritline since that is the name. I would think they are ok with the DRU-500A since they are Meritline DVD-r's on Meritline's DVD Media forSony DRU-500A list. That is just my understanding. I'm sure you would be able to talk to them if something winds up going wrong with them. Here is the link to the list:
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  17. Got my media shipment today:

    Just burned a (sample) Princo 1X DVD-R with my DRU-500A
    and Stomp RecordNow Max 4.5; no problems
    The vendor told me some people had problems with these (this was before 1.0d came out).

    Will test the sample Prodisc 2X DVD-R later; or tomorrow.

    The rest (main order) are all Princo 2X DVD-R.
    Have tested those with 1.0c and they worked fine at 2X.
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    Nobody seemed too mention HP.

    hp dvd+rw -> works awsome!!!!
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  19. Meritline 2X media working very well for me, no problems at all burning at 2X.
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  20. I wonder if the software makes a difference?

    Using RecNow Max 4.5, I have burned Princo 1X and 2X DVD-Rs (US versions) without problems.

    The only brand I picked that gave me any real trouble so far was
    Prodisc 2X (one batch from a few months ago worked fine; a new batch different vendor didn't work).
    They are being discontinued anyway according to the vendor.
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  21. g00kster, I ordered those exact DVD-R's from Meritline, they should be here today or tommorrow. All I'm burning right now is data CD's, but I'll test one of those 2X DVD soon as they arrive.
    I'm upgrading my firmware to 1.0d in a few minutes just to be safe.
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  22. For people providing feedback on your successes, please keep something else in mind.

    Just because you can burn a DVD and play it back on your drive, that doesn't mean success in the way many of us are concerned.

    Not many people here have reported playing their DVD-R/+R/+/-RW in different standalone DVD players. Also remember that just because it starts to play doesn't mean the menus and everything will work well throughout the entire media. Some people have reported problems or glitches on playback with some media, especially near the end of the videos. Be sure to do thorough testing in multiple standalone devices before jumping to conclusions that it's "awesome media" or "working perfectly." That will make your input more valuable to the other members.

    Another important thing to keep in mind is that there is a new firmware, and it would be of benefit to mention if you have installed the new firmware for any problems or successes you have experienced. When using unbranded media, it helps to mentioned the source or part number to prevent confusion. Also remember that not all Verbatim media performs equally. Sony recommends using the newest.

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  23. I updated with the patch on the Sony website yesterday.

    Tried both Memorex +R & -R. Burned with no problems.

    I hope this is a sign of things to come.

    Tried on Toshiba, Apex, and Sony standalone players.
    Played flawlessly
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  24. Thanks for the feedback that the Memorex DVD-R are working. I had already ordered some of these, but the initial pre-firmware-update feedback was not looking promising.
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  25. I agree about being more careful in confirming if a media works or not. For me, I haven't really used my Sony for video yet. I have however use it extensively to back up massive amount of data. Works real well with TDK media. I always copy the data on the burned dvd using another dvd drive back to hd after each burn to verify that they are there and readable. As a further step, i also run SFVfile, a program which chk the integrity of zips and rar. on the data which i copied from the burnt dvd. Lotsa work i know, but this is the only real way to know that my data are safe. With regard to dvd video, there might be higher tolerance compare to data dvd for some write error (just as in a cd audio, you could have some errors which is undetectable while listening). So hence i truly believe that the gold standard is independent crc verification with another dvd drive. At the very least, i think the verification should consist of copying the data from the burnt dvd back to the hd.

    Waiting for my Accu media which should be here any day now. TDK is good but is slightly too expensive for my need since I burned about 1 DVD every other day or 2 day.
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  26. Originally Posted by JasonK
    ...keep in mind is that there is a new firmware, and it would be of benefit to mention if you have installed the new firmware for any problems or successes you have experienced. When using unbranded media, it helps to mentioned the source or part number to prevent confusion.
    What about some template.

    Media source :
    Media name : My Best DVD-R Grade F (4.7GB)
    Part Number : 123ABC
    Burning software : My Hero
    Max. speed/capacity tested : 8x/12GB
    Firmeware version : 2.85c
    Tested on : MyDVD Player AD-888, YourDVD player XY-90

    What do you think ?
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  27. That sounds good.

    Being a video guy myself, I know how picky some standalone drives are about media, so this would be my preferred template, although most of it would apply to DATA storage also.

    Media source:
    Media name:
    Part Number:
    Authoring software: (for the video people only)
    Burning software:
    Media's rated/certified max speed:
    Burning speed used:
    Firmware version/update:
    Computer DVD playback software results:
    Computer DVD-ROM drives results:
    Standalone DVD players results for each media/test: (for the video people only)
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  28. If nobody starts before I'll have chance to test my drive, I will create new clean post with this template.
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  29. I have trouble reading self made mp3 dvd.

    I have made 3 immation dvd-r dvd's with 4.4 gb mp3 files.
    I use nero
    the drive is a SONY dru500a
    firmware 1c.

    the burning go's well, the trouble is that my dvd player won't read the
    files ad the end of the DVD.
    also another player won't read the last file's the computer quit's running.

    When i'm using a immation dvd-rw there is no problem.

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