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  1. Help!

    I'm trying to burn some home videos to DVD and am experiencing some problems.

    I split up the video into chapters and made a menu in Maestro to handle the chapters.

    I have a main menu (with a play button and a chapters button) and two chapter menu's. Each of the chapter menu's has either a next or a previous and a link to the home page in addition to the links to the chapters.

    After I link up the actions for all the buttons I choose navigation simulator and it works just fine. I can navigate through the menu's, the first play works fine, and the chapter buttons work fine. So I thought I had everything good so I compiled it. When I play the compiled files, it auto plays the main menu but it plays for a quarter of a second or so and then the first chapter menu plays and then the second chapter plays and it ends (unless I've added the video files to the play list and then they play). All three menu's play through in around a second.

    What did I do wrong? I don't have a menu time out (in fact I thought that might be it so I added a long time help...then I made the timeout target the same help) and can't find anything wrong with it.

    To check I if I did something really stupid by accident, I created fresh menu's from scratch and the exact same thing happened.

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?

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  2. No one has seen this before?
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    I'm in a similar situation,please se my post:
    It is strange that no one else have experienced this,i did a search both here and at doom9 and this was the only post i could find on this problem.
    We have clearance,Clarence.
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