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    I originally put something like this under Capture on Oct 11 but I think it was in the wrong place.

    I have been trying this free prog for timed vcr like captures for my TV tuner card. It has some useful timer options.

    It only uses wmv 7 or 8 for compression but just to record shows and watch them later through my tv out card its not too bad.

    MSDVR 2000

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  2. Thanks iŽll give it a try!
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  3. I use iuVCR and lets me videocapture using WMV7, 8 and 9
    And I must say WMV9 is fragging awesome! Almost SVCD like quality and the size is 6.5mb per 1min

    It also lets you pause and resume the capture and and of course works with DivX/Mpeg4 to so you can capture using it to. My DivX captures are like SVCD but avg in size from 5-12mb per 1min.
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