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    I have used this tutorial and IT WORKS PERFECTLY if you follow the instructions step by step.

    I didn't burn a DVD (although I suspect this works fine...), but instead chose to make an ISO image file that I store on my USB external HDD.

    Free Tools Required: DVD Decrypter, VobEdit, IfoEdit, ImgTool
    Other Optional Tools: Daemon Tools (Net Edition or Pro Advanced Edition), Configurer , Starter

    I used ImgTool to create an ISO image from the VIDEO_TS directory (created using the method in this tutorial).
    This was fairly simple (provided that you follow the steps exactly).

    I then use Daemon Tools [(not free , but you can fix this problem using Comodo Firewall... be creative) to mount the ISO from a virtual CD/DVD drive. See for further info

    Using Daemon Tools allows me to play ISO files from my HDD or external USB drive using any of three methods:

    1- For WMP: Open 'My Computer', select the Virtual DVD (usually D: or E, Right Click and select Autoplay. The autoplay options (configureable in the Control Panel) allow you to open the ISO using Windows Media Player. This will play the video "straight away"...

    2- For VLC: Using VLC is a bit more difficult. For VLC Media Player, you open 'My Computer', select the virtual CD/DVD drive, and right click => open. Navigate to the VIDEO_TS folder and select and play the first VOB file. Using the tutorial, this would be named VTS_01_1.vob. The whole video will then play in VLC media player. Do not attempt to use to play the first video file without mounting the image first using Daemon Tools... this does not work. Also, dragging the first VOB file from the VIDEO_TS directory to the VLC Player window only plays the first VOB file...

    3- For KMPlayer: Open/Run KMPlayer, Open 'My Computer', drag the icon for the virtual DVD/CD drive to the KMPlayer window. This will play the entire video... Again, dragging one of the video files to the KMPlayer will just play the first VOB file.

    Good Luck. Message me if you have any questions or get different results.

    Thanks to Baldrick, it is possible to reauthor DVDs using VOB files created using any converter such as SUPER which is a very powerful converter that will convert just about anything to anything else. It is slow, but allows for a great amount of control...

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    Joining vob files with vobedit is not working as described
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    Originally Posted by dunantpk View Post
    Joining vob files with vobedit is not working as described
    Use something else to reauthor vob files, like dvdstyler, dvd flick, guifordvdauthor. This is a VERY VERY VERY old guide.
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