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  1. This is probably an old problem your used to but I have always used other methods of backing up dvd's and decided to venture forth and try out VCD Easy.

    I have XP a p4 2000 and a mitsumi dvd player

    Everytime I start up vcdeasy it works fine until i put in a dvd, or even if i start it up with a dvd in the drive it locks up, I cant shut it down and eventually my pc shuts itself down, I have the latest version and i have tried both aspi's recommended, i have backed up both times so i have been able to return to the beginning, whats going wrong with it?
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    VCDEasy does DVDs? I thought it only did CD-R(W)s.
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  3. Don't ye worry na more. I figured it out and I'm not going to say what it was so there, however I am impressed at how simple it is.


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