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  1. I have some svcd files that ulead just won't recognize and I am not sure why. Nero recognizes them as svcd. I have been using ulead dvd moviefactory to author menus. I wanted to use vcdeasy because it recognized my svcd file. I know how to create chapters. I told vcdeasy to create them every 7 minutes. That made a total of 5 chapters for me. I had 5 jpeg stills that I converted using the tools to mpeg stills. Now what do I do with them? I add them to project and I still don't get a menu.
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    Have you read this guide?: Pay close attention to the settings in "interactivity". I have used Ulead DVD MovieFactory many times. VCDEasy is far superior. However, whereas in Moviefactory you only have to choose a background and insert images that correspond to the chapters you create, in VCDEasy you must manually create a menu image that contains all the elements (title, chapter images, instructions, etc.). I personally use Photoshop to do this. Sure, it is more time-consuming, but this way you have total control of the appearance of your menus. Also with VCDEasy you have total control over interactivity which is something that Moviefactory doesn't allow.
    Hope this helps!
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