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  1. Took a VOB from OSEx, and am trying to make a VCD. As suggested I am trying FFMpegx to go straight to vcd. The resulting movie starts to play, but then stutters, and then freezes. Dont know what setting I might have inccorect. I choose VOB to mpeg1 under presets. And since I am new, I dont do any post processing. and only 1 cd., since it only is a 25 minute sitcom rip. I thought I would try this when I was having trouble with one of the episodes of the 11 stalling at the very end when I was converting from MOV to MPG (VCD Compliant) at the very last stage.

    Thanks..for any help.

    G4/400, Tom
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  2. Most likely you are encoding the movie with the wrong frame rate.
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    It's the variable bitrate output of MPEG-1 video by ffmpegX thats the culprit.
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  4. Posted: Oct 22 12:51*
    It's the variable bitrate output of MPEG-1 video by ffmpegX thats the culprit.
    Not necessarily. There's been many times that this has happened to me when I thought that the frame rate was 29.97. I would just change it to NTSC Film (23.98 fps) and the problem would be solved.
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  5. IT works !!!, Did the VOB to VCD in presets, but then went to the Frame Rate and changed it to 23.98 NTSC FILM or whatever that was, and then unchecked anything in POST PROCESSING.., and ended up with a File that even qt wouldnt recognize, ADDED THE .mpg at the end, and it is perfect. Funny thing, it is exactly the same size as the FILE I ended up by using a 4 or 5 step process. AND IT IS IN PERFECT SYNC., now wondering if I can play around with SVCD, before I try it on the whole lot.

    Which option should I try, for SVCD??

    mpeg 2 SVCD (NTSC)

    THANKS, IT works, and I am jazzed. The 23.98 is the answer for me. Glad I didnt give up.
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  6. I'd go with MPEG-2 SVCD. It's more compatible than making an XSVCD with MPEG-1; in my case anyway.
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  7. Will give the above a try. One interesting note.

    I was having a problem with the 1st Season Episode 2 using another method other than ffmpegx. You may have seen my questions about having the thermometer fully across the activity bar, and refuse to quit, when I was doing the last step MOV to MPG (again using alternate basic method of quicktime export)... now when I use the ffmpegx on this episode, I do get a great output to vcd, and the file size is around 245 MB, but when it opens up in QUICKTIME the length of the movie as per the plahyer is around 6 hrs, and 15 minutes, when in reality there is only VIDEO and SOUND on the first 25 minutes of the movie (Which is accurate).

    So here we have that same movie that was not stopping to finish MPG encoding, now.. finishing in ffmpegx, but showing a MUCH LONGER Length. And anything after the 25 minute (length of episode) is dark.

    So I am sure that the two situation OLD Technique and ffmpegx, are related. For some reason, there must be something about the VOB or Episode that causes these odditys...

    Thanks for help.... Will try to cut it down, to get rid of the extra 4 hrs of black, that really isnt there., But ffmpegx, sure will speed the process up for me.

    2nd Edit: Just burned the first two episodes to VCD using toast. Only one problem. Video Looks Great!, Audio IN SYNC. But I thought it was playing a little slow. Music sounded slower at opening. When speaking began, I thought there voices sound a little lower. Other than this "one" thing, everything is perfect. Very clear, and even got rid of a blur below text that use to bother me. Now if I could just solve this LOWER Freq Voices. Anyone have a clue how to fix this? They seem to play fine in their 245 MB size on the computer, but burned to vcd they seem to be this lower freq..

    Thanks, Again.. keep up good work, for the Mac.
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  8. The reason your audio sounds like that is probably because you are encoding the audio to 48khz instead of 44.1. Encoding the audio to 48khz is usually necessary to keep the audio in sync.
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  9. You are correct. And I just burned another VCD using VCD Builder, to see what it could do for me., I just put a picture and two mpgs. I did get a warning from the "Vcd Builder", that the audio on both the movies was encoded at 48,100, and should be at 44. (or something close to those figures). I also notice when burning with VCD Builder, that when I pause the DVD player and then restart, it restarts at the beginning of the MOVIE. (I dont like that). So far, if I can get the audio to speed up, and keep it insync, and have the quality that it does, I will just put 2 or 3 on a cd, and work on menu thing in future..

    Will try encoding at 44, and see how that works..I dont think it is playing slow, because I have more than one movie on cd. Will see if I have any A/V sync issues, then.


    EDIT: Used ffmpegx to take a VOB to VCD everything the same, except I chose the 44 mhz for sound. Well looks good, and is in sync, but the movie list as 6 hrs and 15 minutes, with only 25 minutes of good video and sound at the beginning and the rest black. Need to get rid of the black. Dealing with two variables, Not knowing whether it will burn with out sounding SLOW, and why it is making them 6 hrs plus long., Will burn and see how it sounds.
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  10. SUCCESS !!! and very happy with results !!!.

    ffmpegx is fantastic. And Appreciate all of the help I have received.

    I converted the VOB to VCD (NTSC) using the 23.xx FILM setting. , And I also changed the sound to 44 mhz. Although some of the files display a 6 hr length in Quicktime player, when pulled to the VCD Builder using the Template for a menu and 3 items it generates the images to burn a great vcd. Still playing with the VCD Builder and the correct size of picture to use for the menu, and hitting stop on the DVD Remote, will stop the movie, and you "have" to hit play before seeing the menu. I will play with my DVD remote some more, and see how I like it, and see if I am doing something wrong with buttons. VCD Pauses with Pause button, Fast forward, etc. Have a picture, that has black side bars (NEED TO figure out the correct size for picture for the menu) Menu has 3 choices 1,2 and 3 to go straight to those movies. Pretty cool. Now of course I want to improve it., even more, But will start with correct picture size.

    ffmpegx, is really fantastic... appreciate all the work.!!
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