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  1. Hello here.

    I'm new on ffmpeg for MacOS X and I'm trying to convert a normal Quicktime .mov to a SVCD compliant MPEG file. Well, all seems to works fine but when I try to see the resultant muxed file with VLC the video is jerking... this happen even on my Philips DVD622 standalone player.

    I use the SVCD (PAL) quick preset of the ffmpegX program.

    Any idea?

    Thank you for any advice.


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    It sounds like your bitrate is too high. Try lowering it to less than 1500.

    VCD & SVCD Support For MAC
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  3. Thank you Squeed for your kind reply.

    Now I'm trying, but I'm wondering....does the "classical" SVCD bitrate is 2500?

    Thank you for your kind thought.


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  4. Hey Squeed, I've just tried but the problem persists... even at 1300 as bitrate... any other help?

    Thank you!

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