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  1. I was installed true blue action(mediaforte) on my pc but when i start the software (tru eblue action) my pc was hang! why??? so what should i do?
    my pc >win98SE >Duron750 >256MB kingston
    >32MB geforce2MX >30 GB Quantum FB.

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  2. * Check system-hardware if the card is propperly installed and does not share IRQ's. (second tab, i use dutch version, so could have other names)

    * If in the hardware section of the system (configuration panel) a yellow icon is displayed you have te de-install and install.

    * Doubleclick the "computer" (top of list) to see if it shares IRQ's. If so, maybe put in in another PCI slot. Or change the shared-card in another. Test it.

    * Check for latest drivers on company-homepage.

    * Get latest drivers for the Geforce, or get reference-drivers from nVidia or so.

    * Make sure no other capture card is in the hardware-list. If you're sure (new system ?) don't bother.

    * Check company-homepage for forum or FAQ

    * Do a search on forum's for related problems / card.

    Lot's of options, but all general.
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  3. thanks EP10
    i have been change to other pci slot and it OK.
    But now another problem arise.. before i record, the video is appear (viewcam) but after I click a record button, the video is disappear, why? and after I save the recorded file i play it with XingMpeg but the error was occured (mmsystem *** bla bla, the file corrupt or unknown format)and as well as at windows media player. what should i do??

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  4. Does your videocard use ddraw and overlay correct?
    Maybe check the FAQ/HELP of the videocard or use a program called Powerstrip or something which gives loads of info about the card.
    Maybe use preview instead of overlay for capturing.
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  5. Sorry EP10, I dont understand what are u said. I dont understand what is ddraw and overlay?? why? how to solve my problem with it?

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