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  1. Has anyone tried Redhat 8 for Capturing / Editing ? Do you think its still worth running windows for programs like TMPGEnc ?
    I use it as a server, and finally going to use it as a workstation !

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    Im using 8, haven't used much in the way of compression tools though, but did find that i could install Cinerella, dvgrab and kino and they all worked straight up first go was very happy with that! My Corner of the Universe
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  3. I use RH8 and have gotten TMPGEng12a and DVD2AVI 1.74 to run (in RH8) using wine... (though I doubt new versions of TMPGEnc would work under wine)

    there are some decent (RPM & SRPM) repositories for audio/video stuff here:

    that is if your lazy like me & don't want to compile everything yourself....
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