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  1. Hy all, is it possible to create a menu with "animated" thumbnails ?
    I mean: some little mpeg (5-10 seconds) that are viewed as thumbnails on the main menu and selectable with the PBC.

    Again: what about sound on mpeg stills ? How to add sound to the mpeg stills ?

    Thanks again, I love VCDeasy and its simplicity to use.

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    VCD/SVCD can support video as menu's, but remeber that you still have the limitation of no arrows, sub-picture info ( hilighting ), or selectable audio. What you CAN do is make an animated menu using premeire encode the video X times ( x = number of menu items ) each with it's own hilighting and audio. You then use VCDeasy's PCB support to add the approprite menu actions that are based only on prev, next, and the numbers.

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