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  1. hey im new here and i'm also new at burnin cds. I just got my cd burner today and I was wondering how you burn music videos that are mpeg so i can play em on my dvd player. i dont know anything bout burnin so try to keep it simple.
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  2. Take a look at the links to your left. Look under Convert | TMPGenc. What you want to do is make a VCD or SVCD. You'll need some (free) software to do this. Links to the software can be found on the left too

    Basically you take your source file (avi/mpg/qt/etc) and convert it to a MPEG-1 (VCD) or MPEG-2 (SVCD) file. Then burn the MPEG file to a CDR (using Nero or another CD burning program).

    You can also make xVCD or xSVCD. These are MPEG-1/MPEG-2 files that are not in the 'white book standard' for VCD/SVCD. That is: higer bitrate, higher resoultion, higher/lower audio, etc. etc.

    I would suggest reading all the links on the left (slow but good info) as well as doing a few searchs in the forum. Good luck.
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  3. i just burnt my first cd. but...i played the music videos on my dvd player and only three videos worked properly. the rest were all scrambled up and choppy. you can tell a little bit what videos they were. The audio was workin fine too. whats wronge?
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