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  1. I have some problems creating chapters in vcdeasy.

    I looked through the source file (a svcd) and noted when i wanted the chapters. eg. the opening credits begin at 3 minuts and 28 seconds, so i entered that into vcdeasy. I did that for all 8 chapters.

    But when i play the svcd, both on the standalone dvdplayer and WinDVD, the chapters are misplaced. If i jump to the chapter that sould begin at 3 minuts and 28 seconds, the chapter wont take place before3 minuts and 38 seconds. There is a 10 sec. delay. But the funny part is that the 10 sec delay is not constant, eg. chapter 4 appears 5 seconds to early.

    Any advice is highly appreciated.
    J A N
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  2. First sorry for my very bad english

    I have suffered the same problem with a svcd this afternoon.
    One captured .Avi converted to svcd with dvd2svcd. Becouse it was a live concert i wanted to index the songs with vcd easy,

    I have opened the muxed .mpg with media player and searched for the index points. Then i have picked manually the minutes and seconds of the index in the chapters window, authory it and then burned it, but each song didnīt start at the correct place.

    I have then looked for the the original avi, and noted that the time at what each song starts (in media player too) dont corresponds with time i have previously taked with the mpg, but the total video time its the same!

    Finally i have choosed to take the avi values us the correct ones, authored a new svcd with this ones and.. bingo.

    Itīs not a vcdeasy problem. Maybe Itīs a problem of dvd2svcd or the mpg2 streams and media player conbinations (never sufferd this with vcdīs).

    If your original video is a avi try to search on it your desired cue points and tell us if it works.

    Greets to all
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  3. ok, thanks for the reply, however i dont have the actual avi, only the mpeg.
    J A N
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  4. Try demuxing (File/MPEG Tools/Demultiplex) your mpeg file with TMPGEnc, and using the new video-only mpeg's time code as basis for the muxed one.

    BTW, opening the mpeg with QuickTime instead of Windows Media Player will give you greater control on accurate time selection, since it has by-frame forward and rewind.
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  5. Thanks.

    after demuxing it it worked.

    J A N
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