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  1. I've tried that, it still disapears. But thanks. It only does this with Xvid. I don't know what's wrong. It's driving me crazy!!!!
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    Do not discuss Warez. Such as Two Towers. Any more discussion of it will result in this topic being closed.
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  3. I just signed up to thank you for this :

    DirectShow Multimedia File Reader.......3
    AVI2(OpenDML) File Reader................1
    AVI VFW compatibility Reader.............0
    CyberLink MPEG-2 Decoder.................0
    Microsoft MPEG-1 Decoder.................0
    Wave File Reader..............................0
    BMP/PPM/TGA/JPG File Reader...........-2
    DVD2AVI Project File Reader 1.76+.....-2*
    TMPGEnc Project File Reader 2.58......-2*

    This totally saved me. I've had many problems with Xvid and I realy, realy, realy hate Xvid now . But my biggest problem was making svcd/vcd from Xvid and I tried everything I could think of and I've search the net many times and tried all trix thhat I could find, but until now nothing worked. There were allways errors if not one thing then just something else and I have been doing this for over a year (convert avi to mpg) and I have converted over 100 movies and 200 TV shows, before Xvid I never had a realy big problem, the few times I had any problem I could always fix it with out a problem. But after Xvid started to become so popular, I have had more problems with 10 TV shows and 5 movies (xvid) then with all the rest put to gether. So I just whanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANk YOU, this workes great and most if not all my xvid problems are history keep up the good work and ones agaiTHANK YOU VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH.

    p.s. I'm not english or american so there are problably lots of typing errors but I'm sure you get the point
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  4. Thanx kewl! You're the man.
    Even though your guide didn't work out for me at first, it inspired me how to and I fumbled with the switches around to get it work!!! THANX!!! IT IS MUCH FASTER AND COMPATIBLE THAN THE STUPID FRAMESERVE!!!

    And when I said you inspired me:

    Under VFAPI plug-ins:

    Nothing selected except Directshow multimedia file reader.

    Problems I realised that could come out with your original settings:
    Sometimes it cause general protection faults in "QUARTZ.dll"
    Sometimes even when the Directshow has a higher value, the problem might still reoccur.
    So my solution is select nothing else.

    I once also managed to make it work like this:

    Your settings +
    Directshow = 1
    AVI2 (DML) = 1

    It worked even better on a specific file which has the "green screen screwing up the colour content syndrome" by eliminating it. Looks just like on VDub. But this onli worked for 5 sec for that file due to system hang and I never fully tried it out coz the next time I loaded it failed.

    Anyway I just want to say that I would reccommend the "Only Directshow" trick for people who still have problems. You will get the same pictures as seen on WMP. (including all errors)
    Also I want to add that this Xvid conversion trick requires a great deal of luck, coz sometimes a setting works and sometime it doesn't and screws up your com, causing others not to work too!

    Good luck and thank you to everyone and the kewl guy! 8)
    I encode, therefore I am
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  5. The problem I am having is the source file is in sync, when I convert using the panasonic encoder, and tmpgenc to split the file, the audio and video is completly out of sync, this only occurs for some xvid files. I also uncompress the audio with virtualdub 1.4.13.Im wondering what to set the framerate conversion for audio, and video for Xvid files, anyone who can answer this your assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have the panasonic, and TMPGEnc Mpeg1 encoders, and virtualdub 1.4.13, and I also have avi2vcd version 1.4.2. If anyone has anysuggestions on how to solve this problem please help.
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  6. are you looking for pal or ntsc i am in an ntsc area and left the files alone 23.97fps ntsc film d/l pinnoys template for ntscfilm and leave framerate alone...
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  7. I live in an NTSC area, the only time I have trouble is with source files with the xvid codec, if you know how to solve this id appreciate the help
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    hi okewl

    Your guide was very helpful....but with some movies when i convert them with tmpgenc the audio is still out a little bit...but on the original avi it is perfect. Hope you can help
    thanks in advance
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  9. My Xvid converstions keep freezing , sometimes gives me ntdll error , sometimes just freezes,.

    I used those settings, but i do not have

    dvd2avi project file reader on my settings, it sais file could not be loaded
    and some others.

    could this be the problem ?
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  10. I do not have -

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    Originally Posted by 0 kewl
    Things to note when using this guide:

    1) The resulting Mpeg1/2 file's playback might stutter/be jerky in
    your Windows Media Player but will be perfect in your DVD player.
    I've followed this guide and my mpg2 playback is slightly jerky, especially in fast-moving parts. I'm encoding a 3 hour movie for dvd-r. Are you saying that playback in my player will not be jerky as it is on windows media player? Or is the bitrate too low (it had to be considerably lower, about 3000kps, to fit on one disc) and should I just split the movie up?
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  12. 0 kewl, thanx! Your guide would be perfect if i didnt encounter one small problem. When i burn the movie to the cd as SVCD and play it in both my dvd player, the movie seems to miss out 1 frame every first its not very noticeable, but when its noticed, it started getting irritating because this happens from the beginning of the movie till the end. any fix to this?
    I encoded and burned many movies and all of them have the same problem.
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