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  1. Ive tried like a million times, I can write the time that the 2'nd chapter should start. then I hit ok, but nothing happens.

    Is there a guide I can follow?

    keep in mind that I dont have the DVD so I have to write the time of each chapter my self.

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  2. There is one way you could try it, but is very cumbersome and the end result isn't too fantastic but worth the effort is all fails.
    Make every chapter a separate file and for instance use Nero v5.5 to make the chapters.
    The downside is you won't have a fluent transition between chapters, you'll have a delay of about 320 ms, which is possible to see but not very disturbing.
    There are offcourse other ways but this way always works.
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    The delay between tracks ( files ) on a (s)VCD is dependant on the player and the authoring software. Both of my DVD player have about a 1-2 second gap between tracks. It's not that bad for TV shows, but for movies it would suck.
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  4. simply use DVD maestro and right click on the chapter line and insert all your times NO PROMLEM dont forget to save or you will be doin it again
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