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  1. Thanks to IremainAMisterE for the solution. I was changing the drive mode in my systems BIOS with no results. I changed the mode of the secondary controller in device manager from UDMA to PIO only and it seems to be working now. What really puzzled me was the DVD+RW media working in UDMA mode, but the DVD-R media needed PIO.

    thanks again IremainAMisterE!

    I can't get this drive to burn DVD-R disks. The included DVD+RW disk worked fine.

    I've tried Memorex DVD-R (version 2.0)
    Hypermedia DVD-R
    Generic 1x DVD-R (Princo I believe)
    (so I've spent about $30 on media I can't use)

    Tried both the latest version of Nero and the Veritas software (RecordNow) that came with the drive. I tried both a 4gig burn and a 40meg burn. Nero starts the "lead in" and just hangs there while the timer keeps clicking up. I let it sit there 20 minutes. Then I have to end task on Nero, the drive won't eject, system won't reboot, and I have to cold boot to even get my brand new coaster out.

    RecordNow just kicks back "Recording Error" and suggests checking the media for dust, or trying a different brand. Sony tech support could only offer "Buy Sony brand media".

    Any ideas? Is my drive defective? My main use will be making DVD-R disks that are compatible with my JVC set top player.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Did you try setting your drive to PIO mode instead of UDMA in device settings? I was getting errors also when i first tried burning with my Pioneer DVR-104. The drive comes set to UDMA mode, and at the time my motherboard didn't support UDMA. Now i got a whole new computer and rockin' in UDMA.

    Hope you solve your prob. Good Luck!
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  3. Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think that's it. (I tried knocking it down to mode 2 just in case). I also went out and bought some Sony brand DVD-R, and they also hang during the lead-in with Nero. I forgot to add I'm using XP pro and have a pretty new P4 2.4gig system w/ 512mb ram.

    At least now I'm not making coasters, as I try everything in Nero's "simulate" mode first.
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