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  1. I read the how to, on bin/cue burning on the VCD Easy page and followed everything correctly. My question......and yes I know I will feel stupid when this is answered. Where do I add my bin/cue to allow it to be burned? It will not allow me to do so at the mpeg1 area, so I figure there's another menu I'm missing or I'm misunderstanding something.

    Thanks for the help or any direction

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    Select first your cd writer under S(VCD)->CD Writer.
    Now head to Tools -> cdrdao tools and Burn a cue or toc image, open the cue/bin file and burn it.
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  3. Thank you very much for the help. I know on the how to section at VCD Easy it says you can turn off the cdrdao tools, so that's what I did, so I think I lost the menu you referred to. When I get home I'll turn it back on and look in the area you talked about.
    Once again THANKS !!!!

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