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  1. Here is my problem. I have a originally created avi final (produced in premiere) that I have used TMPGenc to encode into a vcd file. The problem is with setting chapters. I would like to set a chapter at approx 23 minutes into the file (23:12:00) but VCDEasy only gives me the option for 23:00:00 or 23:46:00. Way to early or WAY to late.

    I have read the linked (in VCDEasy) article on chaptering and I reencode (several times) in TMPGenc and have set my own Group pics, I pics and even tried setting B and P pics (knowing that it wouldn't help, the B and P). Even with setting my own Group pics I can not set a chapter at the time that I specify. The question is...

    How do I create a chapter at a VERY SPECIFIC time in the file??
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    Sounds like your GOP may be too big. I've never encountered this problem before but you might want to work with smaller GOPs. This would likely be done somewhere in TMPGEnc when you encode. I believe TMPGEnc uses a 15 or 18-frame GOP as a default, which works out to be about 1/2 second which is usually close enough for what I want to do.

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