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  1. I am trying to capture with my Hauppauge WinTV PCI-FM for 2 months now, I used VirtuaDub, Adobe Premiere and The WinTV included (shit) but I always get a amazing desync after about 10 mins of recording. Can anyone share experience with that card and capturing, what the best prog is and what th erbest settings are. Thanx in advance ppl, please help!
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  2. in what resolution are you capturing and whats your system configuration (processor, hdd and ram)?
    using virtual dub make sure you have "lock video stream to audio" under capture/settings and "adjust video clock..." under capture/timing enabled. also have a look whether you have set the correct framerate.
    though i`m pleased with virtualdub a lot of people here use AVIIO for capturing; try that, too.
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  3. System Information: Windows 2000 Professional, Service Pack 2 (5.0 - 2195)
    CPU: 1-AMD Athlon K7, 902MHz
    Memory: Usage: 182/768MB (23.70%)
    Display: 1024x768 32bit 60Hz

    I get desync in all Resolutions... VirtuaDub is the only program with dropped frames I dunno why. I alredy did these settings but it won't work
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  4. What codec and color format are you using? Try using AVI_IO to capture in 320x240 in YUY2, optionally with Huffyuv. If you're overclocking, try returning your CPU to its rated speed. Also, make sure you have the latest VFW WinTV drivers from Hauppauge.
    AVI_IO is available from here, BTW:

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