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  1. Need some help. Just purchased the JVC XV-S502SL DVD player that says supports vcd's but when I load the vcd, the dvd player say's error and says non-playable disc on the tv screen. what could be the problem?
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    It seem's to me that the vcd you created is not the right bit rate ro rez try it out on your friends dvd player BY.
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  3. Maybe u burned it wrong...witch program did u use..Nero?
    If so...try to burn the vcd "disc at once"

    i had the same problem as you with also a jvc player
    i burned disc at once and the problem was solved
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  4. Masterscreech, The VCD's that I have, work on any other JVC dvd player except the JVC XV-S502SL. Could it be that this model is a progressive scan and that's why it doesn't play? By the way, the program I'm using is DVD Copy Plus.
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  5. hmmm i dunno...but if the information on de dvd player says u can play vcd u can play it without any problems.
    and buy the way...i got the same player :P just looked on google for that type of player...and its the same as i have

    It plays perfect with me...r u sure that the vcd plays on every jvc player...cause i had a problem with resident evil...i downloaded the movie as a svcd bin file...i tryed to watch it...but it didnt play...the problem was that the movie had an extra directory that jvc couldn't if u donwload vcd/svcd movies...just be sure its a good one...if u encode it urself do it right...pal or ntsc...and burn it right...that importent
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    I had the same problem. Almost ruined the Christmas present which was the JVC XV-S502SL. I burned the VCD (SVCD) with Pinnacle's Expression. Loaded but no way would it play. As a matter of fact, it actually stopped the player and locked it up! Then I found this site. After looking at several different threads, I found one that mentioned other PC software for creating and burning VCDs etc. I have successfully used; Ulead DVD Picture show, PictureToTV, Photo2VCD, XatShow. All produce VCDs that play with audio on the JVC DVD. Pinnacle finally advised, after waiting an hous and a half on their support line that they don't support this player. I also found out that DVD Photoplay's VCD did not play satisfactoryily either. I want to try VCDEasy but need a little time to climb the learning curve.
    There seems to be software/hardware issues that none of the vendors on either side want to publish. They stay with the generics until you spend the $$ to buy their product. So far the best results, and support I've received have come from I recommend checking their products out. Worked fine for me and their output quality was the best of any canned program VCD played on this particular DVD
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  7. have you tried setting your standalone dvd player to pbc manually?

    press on stop button for a few seconds - you then get a choice of s(vcd) = pbc or rgb

    good luck
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  8. Well, let's see, I made this post earlier about a banana .....

    Probable cause for a VCD not to play is that it is out of spec. Many players will tolerate this, some will not.

    Since you have given very little information about how this VCD was created, and what parameters were used, I at least have no clue what your problem could be and the best anyone could give you would be a complete guess.
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