Hello All,

I have been doing a bit of experimentation with VCDEasy now and I must say it's a great programme, except for one thing: My images flicker when viewed on my TV from a DVD player. It's the top and bottom horizontal borders that flicker. I notice that Ulead DVD Picture Show (my second favorite) has an 'anti flicker' option which works well by eliminating this flicker.

I've tried many things, i.e. making SVCD, resizing the filter on 'MPEG stills' settings, cropping, changing aspect ratio and am using max MPEG size/quality setting.

My VCDEasy settings as follows:
VCDEasy ver 1.1.2
GNU VCDImager 0.7.12
MJpeg Tools 1.6.0-rc2
ASPI Seems Valid: Yes

My TV is a digital TV (Philips)
DVD Player: Aiwa XD-DV480

I really want VCDEasy to work perfectly, so that I can then spend the hours putting all my images to VCDs. It has the best menu function (interaction) of the many VCD slideshow programmes I've tried and the image quality is great - It's just the flicker that is unacceptable/annoying. If I can sort this problem out then I'd be more than happy to make a donation as it would be worth it.

I wonder if it's a TV setting?

Any help would be really appreciated.