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    30 Digital channels will be lunched at the end of this month.

    FreeView, is the new UK digital, Free to air service transmitted via the terrestrial antenna system.

    Capturing from these digital channels will produce much higher quality than the analogue channels. It would probably be worth buying the converter for your PC, but would not work as good as the digital TV capture cards now available to pick these channels up.

    see for more information

    Not got a converter ? 100 around the UK, but have seen special offers in Dixon's at 49 for a Pace.

    If your currently paying for Digital channels via Cable or Sky. Why not add these new free channels with a one off payment for the converter box.

    FreeView is now operated by the BBC Digital license, with help from Sky and a company here in Warwickshire.

    These digital transmissions are crystal clear and strong, unlike satellite or even cable. They are currently transmitting BBC, ITV terrestrial channels, but from the 30th of this month 30 channels, including some radio channels start.

    You need to re-tune your Digital TV in order to get these new channels, see the BBC I information's and a list of contact numbers for your TV manufacturers if you have any difficulty in re-tuning.

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    I had given up on trying to get good picture from my current aerial system.

    I have sky digital but even at the best of times its bearly watchable!

    A tv card sounds intrest though. My guess is that it will be around 528x576 up to 9mbs.

    This would be dvd compliant and so after capture it could be put straight onto a dvd-r!!!

    But more to the point I want to know about quailty!!!

    Whats the picture going to be like!!!

    Do you have anymore info?

    On a scale from 1-10

    1 being vcd
    10 being dvd
    4 being sky digital

    Where is this new service??

    My vcd & cvdGuide

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    on the subject of digital, can anyone tell me if it uses some sort of mpeg compression? while most shows look great on skydigital some like for example, law and order appear grainy. almost like the result of a low bitrate. i'm not sure why this happens. also can anyone get channel 4 and itv, and bbc 3 and 4 on skydigital? we can't for some reason in the republic of ireland, even though we can get E4 and bbc1/2.

  4. These will be the new channels from October 30th

    BBC CHOICE (to be replaced by BBC THREE)
    ITV 1
    ITV 2
    Channel 4
    S4C (available in Wales only)
    Sky Travel
    UK HomeStyle
    F tn

    BBC NEWS 24
    Sky News
    Sky Sports News
    ITV News (already on air)

    UK History


    BBC PARLIAMENT (previously on DTT as audio only)
    The Community Channel
    S4C2 (available in Wales only)

    The Hits
    The Music Factory

    TV Travelshop

    BBC Radio
    1Xtra (on air)
    6 Music (on air)
    Asian Network (on air)
    Radio Five Live (on air)
    Five Live Sports Extra (on air)
    BBC 7 (to be launched in the next few months)

    Commercial Radio
    Smash Hits
    jazz fm

    Sum other channels might be added along the way (E.g. TCM)

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    Well this thread was started as a news item. It was not meant to be used for people to voice their anger because of the way they were treated by ITV Digital, or because they had inferior installations and equipment.

    Hopefully now that the BBC are in charge, most of the signal related problems will eventually disappear. The other good news is you are no longer forced to use cheap digi boxes and low gain antennas.

    If you have any reception problems, please take it up with the BBC, who will be happy to answer your questions. The vast majority of people who view Digital TV are more than happy with the quality.

    Since the analogue transmissions "Will Stop" (Like it or not) you have no choice but to use it !!!

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