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  1. I just got in with DV editing. Using premier 6 to capture my videos from my Sony D8 camera and created a new project in premier 6 to cut,edit and add titles to my home video .

    Here's my question, how can I convert my finished project to MPEG2 using premier6. DO I need a plug-in software or stand alone software?? If so waht is a good software to do it?? Any input will be really helpful and appreciated

    many thanks!!
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  2. Hi There,

    It should be as simple as exporting your timeline and selecting one of the export options as MPEG2?

    Have you tried that?

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  3. yes, you need a plug-in. LSX has a good MPEG2 plug-in
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  4. FredSnerk, how do I do that, I can't find the export to MPEG2 in the "export timeline" area

    Punk ass, can you direct me to the site for download. Is it for free or pay?

    Thanks for the help
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