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  1. re your question below:

    A newbie here as well. maybe you made the mistake i made yesterday. I dubbed but got o results other then in my DMR-HS2. I sulked for a day that i had bought el cheepo media from Compusa, I went out to staples and bought Maxell tapes. The i realized i had dubbed but did not finalize. now all i had to do was select the "function" button, press "format disk" (or something similar and then go through the finilize step. bottome line is i screwed up because i cant mnake heads or tails of the manual, but now even the comp usa dvd-r's work fine in my zenith combo dvd/vcr.

    good luck.

    I do have a q for you: how are you going to get the dvd-ram output back to your pc? i'd like to edit on my pc as well.

    1. We just did a test of recording something to a DVD-RAM (Panasonic), which of course plays fine in the HS2. But my DVD drive on the Sony Vaio (Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-103) doesn't recognize the disk at all. Does this make sense? Am I out of luck from the get-go? If it's a brand thing on the Vaio, I read at the recorder reviews that the HS2 doesn't really like to use any RAMs other than Panasonic (altho it didn't seem to care much about the DVD-R brand).
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  2. maybe you made the mistake i made yesterday. I dubbed but got o results other then in my DMR-HS2.
    No -- didn't dub. Recorded directly to the DVD-RAM. I THOUGHT my PC would read it. I'd really hate to have to dub to DVD-R for the sole purpose of transporting to the PC to do additional editing. Plus, if Ican't record to the RAM on the PC to get things to the HS2, I've lost another feature I would have liked!
    As far as brands - yes - this can be a major, crapshoot type of problem. Maxell's are apparently the best, tho I've done well with a cheapo brand in DVD-R's so far (play on 5 models, including a couple of oldies). Just stay away from Memorex anything, whatever you do!

    PS -- thanks for the hint of where to FIND the finalize function! Knew it was there, but not clear WHERE there, LOL.

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    Not all computer DVD drives will read a DVD-RAM disc. Looking at the Pioneer website the A103 will NOT read DVD-RAM discs.,1444,796,00.html

    I have a Toshiba SDM1712 in my PC and according to their web site it will
    read DVD-RAM discs although I haven't tried using one yet as I don't have the Panny HS2 unit.

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  4. Thanks Rick . I was afraid of that ... Didn't have a quick look up manual to check. Thanks a LOT for that Pioneer site ... I now know more than I ever wanted to about my drive, which I'm sure will come in handy in the future (like NOT to use firmware upgrades for the A03 on my 103!).

    Maybe next time my hubby's out of town I can learn how to edit REAL FAST on the HS2 for editing out commercials.

    I would still be interested to know if there's a way to combine clips from separate program recordings...

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