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  1. When VCDEasy creates image files so that I can burn a SVCD with Toast on a Mac, it produces the proper image files along with the same number of "pregap" image files.

    So, for a 2 sequence disk, VCDEasy gives me a bunch of files similar to this:


    In alphabetical order the pregap image file comes *after* the actual image file for that sequence.

    My question is this, when I go to burn a disk in Toast, should I reorder these files so that the pregap image comes *before* the image file for that sequence, or does it not matter?

    I hope my explanation was clear.

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    Having only tried this method twice, common sense would lead me to believe that you are correct in assuming the pre-gap image files go before the svcd-track image files. However, I don't remember getting pre-gaps when I chunked my *.BIN file.

    *Note: I did a comparative test between this method, and burning the (S)VCD while inside VPC, using Nero I believe. I found that the images aren't identical, and that there was some subtle problems (jerkiness, filepointer errors) that turned up using the Toast version. I also tried other disc image types in Toast (same sorce image file, same burner, same media, same burn speed), with worse results. Not sure if this method is truly ready for prime time.

    Happy burning!

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