How to get a divx .avi file into a .mov? I can open the .avi file and play it in quicktime. Is it sufficient to just save it out of quicktime?

I have tried the Quicktime export to mpeg2 several times but it always hangs at some point.

ffmpegx seems to work fine but I am confused what settings to use. I want to create SVCD images.

I set the bit rate calculator to pick the rate. I am a little confused about the Video size. Most movies I have are letter box, 16:9. When I use the preset in ffmpegx "mov to SVCD PAL" the image is sqeezed horizontally. Do I then use SVCD 16:9 PAL or the regular 16:9 or is there something I am missing here?

Also, what is the difference between the setting for split in the mpeg 2 options and the split into chunks in the post processing? Do they both need to be set? I realize this function is not working yet but I would like to know for the future.