I think VCDEasy is great, I just need some help to see if I can do something. I have multiple home movies (DV PAL) converted to mpeg 2, and would like to have the option of playing all, one after another (from a numeric key or default), and then be able to use scene select menus to go to individual clips and use the entry point selections. I would like the play all to return to the mani menu, and the clips return to the scene select menu.

Is this possible. At present I can get them all to play back, but they return to the scene select menus, and if played from the scene select menu they don't return to the scene menu on completion of playing, they keep playing. I know this all has to do with each selections properties (default, timeout etc). I would appreciate any help, or to know if I can do this in VCDEasy.

If this is not possible I know I can get them all to play back, returning the mani menu on finish, returning to the scene mneus during playback, and can play from the entry points on the scene menus, returning to the scene menus.