I have a Lite-on 40x-12x-48x burner. I have had no prob in the past with it, but lately the buffer level isn't staying at 100. It will drop to 1% and then go to 12% and like 28, then 1 again. It sux cause im burning at 40x but it takes 12 min to burn a cd. I'm dl'in movies like mad now that i have cable and burn 8-10 cds a day. Kazaa uses up like all my ram, and agent newsreader is using some, so when im dl'in movies i cant burn cds :/ I like to get the cds burnt fast.

I recently ran a hard drive cleaner and cleared 12 gb off, but that didn't seem to help. I use Nero and Roxio, both have the same prob

thx in advance.

PS- I ran a virus scan with norton, but no viruses were found, and my mouse freezes up ingame and stuff (I play online games ) now so it might be my ram. idk why it would change all of the sudden though.