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  1. When i have Vcdeasy installed i can't burn anylonger my music and video cd's with Adaptec easycdcreator ; when i remove vcdeasy, even from the registry, the problem remains , so i can't make music-cd's anylonger!. Is it possible to work with both programms? My burner is a HP 8210e. ( Suggestion: let Vcdeasy make it possible to burn music cd's as well! )
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  2. I have the same problem.....Nero won't burn Audio CDs anymore....

    Last time, i rolled back my computer (XP system restore) and it was ok. Then i tried installing VCDEasy without CDRDAO. No luck, plus this time XP wouldn't roll back.
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  3. I also could fix it the first time with system restore but that is no longer possible. So who can give an advice how to repair ?
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  4. Honestly, I have no idea why this happens... A few users reported this to me but it seems to be rare... I do not understand yet where this comes from, even if it is really VCDEasy the source of the problem...

    VCDEasy uses the registry to store a very few number of settings, in a safe registry place.
    VCDEasy installation only put files in the VCDEasy folder, even the dll used, nothing elsewhere except some shorcuts in the start menu...
    The code itself does not modify something somewhere (except to store its settings in the registry and the ini file)... at least the code I wrote.

    It may be an ASPI layer problem, if you did the ForceASPI update to have CDRDAO working in a good way... Some Roxio versions does not like that. Note that CDRDAO works on some machines with the ASPI layer installed by Roxio.

    I also do not know if CDRDAO itself modifies something in the system... I do think so...

    Some users had this problem with Nero... it is really surprising as Nero has its own independant ASPI layer... They installed again Nero to solve their problem, and VCDEasy continued to work...

    If someone understands or has an idea...
    delphi.stuff, VCDEasy author
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