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  1. bangala
    i tried to convert a divx into VCD but the sound comes 3 sec later than the picture.I tried to change the preload skew but it didnt work out.What am i doing wrong?I never had that prob before (Divx-->25.000fps, 44100Hz, 0.50s preload skew)
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  2. This is not a problem with VCDeasy, rather it could be:

    a) that with some divix files you have to save the wav (audio)
    as a seperate file 1st and load that as your source audio
    into your encoder - loading video as normal from the divix file

    b) you have junk frames - do a search on "junk frames" and how
    to fix them with virtual dub (or see guides at left hand side)

    c) some dvd players need an audio/video pregap to play in sync.
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