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  1. magma2002
    When I add a series of MPEG files to create the VCD, the reported file size is much greater than a single 650MB or 750MB CD. Does VCDEasy automatically span across mutliple disks or do I have to partition the files manually so the reported file size fits on a single CD?
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  2. VCDEasy does not automatically span across mutliple disks. You can
    have up to 1980 DVD quality stills on one video CD and that
    is plenty in my book! If you have more pic's than that or you need
    to have a menu / interactive function (which uses some space) then
    you have to do it one vcd at a time.
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  3. VCDEasy does not cut itself the "too big MPEG file to fit on one VideoCD"... But I have just published a guide at on how to cut/join MPEG files with TMPGEnc
    delphi.stuff, VCDEasy author
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