This is going to be my first attempt at this so I just need an answer
to one question, but first a little background on my problem.

I have an avi that has to spots in it that the picture stops moving.
Now, after I scanned it for bad frames and re-saved it the 2 spots
still stop moving BUT after a couple seconds the pic starts moving again.
Meanwhile, the audio is still going BUT stays in sync.

My problem, and the main reason why I am going to try Frameserving, is
whenever I encode the "fixed" or the original avi in TMPGEnc the
a/v sync problem crops up. It starts out fine. I get to the first spot that
freezes - everything is still ok. The second spot comes along and the
sync is lost, but only by like 1/2 second. Enough to be annoying.

What I would like an answer to is IF I frameserve the original avi, or the fixed
avi, to TMPGEnc will the sync still be lost EVEN though the avi's in question
have a/v sync? I thought maybe framing the avi's would bypass whatever
is causing the sync problem.

(Side Note: I have been borrowing a 2.4 gighz Pentium 4 with 512mb ram)
I have got to say that this kicks some serious a*s. I use a 500mhz at
home. I can encode this avi in about 8.5 hours at home. With the 2.4
I can encode the same movie about 5 times in ONE NIGHT!!

To quote Will Smith from Independence Day:

"I have got to get me one of these".

Any responses would be greatly appreciated.