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    Hello. I've been trying to get the dvdrip movies I download from Kazaa to convert to VCD. They are avis.

    Heres the problem. When I go to "add files" under VCDEASY, it cant find the movies (i guess cuz there extension is .avi not mpeg)

    I HAVE however successfully made video cds with other things. Like music videos and video clips I downloaded off of kazaa. And the vcd does play in my home dvd player.

    Is there anyway to get these avis i downloaded from kazaa to vcd so I can watch them in my home dvd player?
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  2. You need to encode the .avi files into .mpg files for them to load into VCDEasy and put on CD. All VCD's have to be encoded in what is known as MPEG1. Have a look at the WHAT IS section on the left of this page and also look under HOW TO and CONVERT from .avi to VCD. You will need some software to do this like TMPGenc but you can get all you need from the TOOLS section on the left as well. Read as many guides as you can and if you get stuck just ask. That's how I learned.

    Good luck.
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  3. All info you need about that stuff you can find here...
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