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  1. see this picture

    I use powerdirector2.5 pro to capture TV programe as a svcd standard mpeg-2 file,and when I add the file to vcdeasy ,it shows error .

    Can anyone help me?[/img]
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  2. VCDEasy gives you this message when
    • 1) it thinks your MPEG file is a video
    • 2) it detects the length as less than 4 seconds
    ...I suspect your MPEG file is not fully compliant with the VideoCD specifications. Lots of MPEG encoder do not produce "good" MPEG file.

    When doing capture, I personally recommend to capture with the best quality possible (even if AVI using a "proprietary codec"), then use a "known good" MPEG encoder like TMPGEnc to encode your video.
    delphi.stuff, VCDEasy author
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  3. I've had a similar problem with my capture system (but doing mpeg1). It captures fine but gets rejected in vcdeasy. So, I go into tmpge and process the file (select video file / adjust settings / press start / takes almost no time at all to process). I assume that tmpge fixes something that's incompatable. Then it's output doesn't get rejected by vcdeasy.
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