I have a movie I ripped using Smartripper, where I told it to split the vobs by chapter, which made it easy to play off the HD. Now I want to burn them to DVD-R, using the different vobs as chapter points.

I first tried using MyDVD 3.1. It plays fine, but after each file you have to go back to the menu, you can’t play them in order. The nice thing about MyDVD is that it accepted the vobs directly once I renamed them to .mpg, with no re-encoding or demuxig.

I heard that DVDit could play all the files in order, so I tried it. Only problem is that when I preview the DVD I hear the sound. But once you build the DVD, DVDit demuxes and it looses the sound. I know I could use a program to demux ahead of time, but wouldn’t that just be asking for audio sync problems? I love the way MyDVD takes the vobs/mpg directly. I just wish there was a happy medium. Any suggestions?