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    I tried this method and it worked wonderfully at producing a dvd on 1 disk! I was just wonder tho, did I miss something? I have no chapters in my rip of "The Patriot". I'm rather new at all of this i have to admit. It plays great.....I was just wondering if I skipped a step?

    Thanks....appreciate any and all replies
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  2. Hi,
    Been trying to use this guide for a couple of days now.
    A couple of questions.
    1. Is it ok to use DVD2SVCD 1.1.0 Build 1?
    After 8 hrs or so of encoding:
    The files i import to Spruceup are:

    I create a small menu for play and scene selections then save and compile it. Everything seems good so far.
    I burn my Video_TS and Audio_TS file using Nero.
    The finished DVD wont play on my DVDPlayer but will play through the PC with my DVDStation and my TV output card.
    Anyone know where i have made a mistake?
    I did Notice in the BBMPEG settings i have the Output settings set to SVCD, should i simply select DVD and start all over again.

    Can i also use Smartripper and convert the largest VOB file or must i use the internal routines ie Vstrip.
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  3. Gary,

    A newer version of DVD2SVCD should be fine. You are importing the correct files. If your authored DVD plays fine on your computer, but not in your standalone after being burned, you likely have an issue with one or more of the following:
    1. DVD player doesn't support DVD-r playback (check the DVD players compatibility list)
    2. If your dvd player is suppose to play DVD-r, then you may need to try another media (different brand) or burning software. I found that Prassi works better than NERO with my players.

    bbmpeg doesn't do anything for you. The files you use are created before bbmpeg even runs.
    You can use another ripping program, make sure you get the right vobs and the corresponding ifo file. You will then want to deactivate dvd ripping in DVD2SVCD (under "DVD rip" tab). I'm not really sure why you would do it this way, but if you want to go ahead it should work.

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  4. Moguy,

    You have to manually add the chapters in spruce-up . If you have another authoring software that accepts imported chapters, you could extract them from the original and then import them into the authoring software.

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  5. A. Problem :

    I worked 3 times with the mij-guide (I'm using Nero instead) and had again EXCELLENT RESULTS.
    Suddenly during the copy-procedure of "The Lord of Rings" the system stops with the following message (I tried that 3x, always the same):

    cce encoding failed : ***Could not write to the file ***
    Access is denied.
    [Windows error code : 0x5 5]

    Any idea ?

    B. Question :

    Is there a way to overrun the bbMPEG-process and have directly an ?

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  6. Hi there

    to everyone who getting this error during conversion in the CCE :
    [Windows error code : 0x5 5],

    the solution is : UNTICK in Bitrate-tab.

    The mij-recommended value of 4200 in is too high for long movies. I did the untick and everything worked fine over night. In the morning I had an excellent copy from "Lord of Rings" !!! It took about 11 hours to complete.
    Don't look always for any *.m2v file for renaming to LOTR.
    Rename the *.mpv file. Spruce-Up has no problem with that !
    If you want to change the language in
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    Hi all,
    Thanks for the guide mij, I cant wait to try it tonight.
    Where would you guys recommend I get all the software needed? Doom9 or a peer to peer network? Thanks again and thanks for the great posts and replies.
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    I found some of the files here on the tools page, but where should I get SpruceUp and Prassi PrimoDVD? It says they are no longer available.
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  9. Hiiii.
    TKS to NickTheGreek
    Very god (important)tips....
    Keep the god work..
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  10. Hi everybody.
    E tested the solution for this error:
    cce encoding failed : ***Could not write to the file ***
    Access is denied.
    [Windows error code : 0x5 5]
    stil FAIL'S.
    So... it must be something else...
    Any ideas???? please...
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  11. Originally Posted by Revilo

    You have to manually add the chapters in spruce-up . If you have another authoring software that accepts imported chapters, you could extract them from the original and then import them into the authoring software.

    Here is a great GUIDE

    This is a list of the software that is used in this tutorial:

    DVD Decrypter v3.1.2.0
    DVD2AVI v1.76
    TMPGEnc Plus v2.56.39.143
    ChapterXtractor v0.961
    Spruce DVDMaestro v2.9.2915a
    Gear Pro DVD 6.02 rc07

    Follow the example on using ChapterXtractor and DVD Maestro to retain your chapters instead of using SpruceUP.

    Here are a couple more examples of using DVD Maestro
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  12. Originally Posted by Gretz
    My audio is out of sync? Does anybody know why? I am using the exact same s/w that is mentioned at the top of the guide. It doesnt happen with all the movies i do just on some. Please help
    If you are having problems with out of sync AC3 audio and trying to correct this with IfoEdit then read on!

    This information is taken from another forum I thought it was important to pass along. I am just the Messenger for this one so please don't shoot me just head on over to the other forum for more technical answers!

    AC3 Delay Corrector

    There are still problems to resynchronize the demultiplexed mpg-streams. So I made this small tool. Maybe you will find it useful. Use the program the following way:
    Start the program and choose the source file. Set the delay and press "Write". Thats it.
    The contents of the information window is automaticaly written in a corresponding txt-file.

    This is "AC3 Delay Corrector". It adds silent or cuts ac3-blocks in front of the ac3 stream. Just input your delay then. Ifoedit is OK with positive delays, you only need this tool for the negative ones. Although the tool adds/cuts full blocks (not single ms), the resulting little positive delay isn't a problem anymore for IfoEdit.

    i.e.: You have a delay of -66. Take ac3delay, input -66. It then cuts 64 ms (2 blocks) from the beginning, resulting in a final delay of -2. This you can use in IfoEdit. This little negative shouldn't be the problem now anymore. (With IfoEdit version .95, negative values greater than 40 cause a problem)

    i.e.2: You have -117, enter it in ac3delay. It cuts 4 blocks (128 ms) from the beginning, resulting delay to be entered in Ifoedit is +11.
    Did you have DVD2Avi generate ac3 which has the delay in its filename? AC3Delay then automatically takes the delay from the filename, although ac3delay already has edited it a step before.

    If the ac3 HAS -181, and ac3delay cuts 192, then you HAVE +11, whatever ac3delay shows when reloading the file. Don't become confused...

    Best way is to avoid having delays in filenames.

    As your logfile of ac3delay shows, it has cut 192ms from beginning. Period. So it is now +11. (-181+192)


    There are 31.25 frames in one second.

    I also got this info. But why? It was a PAL source, so each frame should have 25 fps, right? Or it's because we are dealing with audio?

    This means 31.25 AC3-FRAMES. This has nothing to do with the videostream and its video frames. AC3 is also a format which uses frames within itself. (like mp3 )

    The videostream has its video frame rate. The AC3-stream has its own ac3 frame rate.
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  13. Hiii...
    I find out the prob... The win98 doesn't work... no chance.
    With XP i did all the dvd but.... no subtitles
    So.... i give it up.
    After i found a great prog. DVD2DVDR...
    Just one click.... and i have all... the audio, the subtitles etc...
    I'm too lazyyyyyyyyy. hehehehehe
    Tanto trabalho para que??? Fartei-me de miar por causa de comprirmir ou dvd's... este prog faz tudo sem problemas... Como sou um pouco calao.... gosto dele.
    TKS to All.
    Keep the good work.
    The End
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  14. Newbie question:

    With a foreign film; how do I keep the language intact with subtitles?

    For instance; I have a chinese movie that has both english and chinese on it. I want to keep the language chinese but have english subtitles.

    I ripped the movie in chinese and I have the english subtitle .bmp's ripped in their own folder, but I don't know where to go from there.

    Thanks in advance.
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  15. 1/2 DVD 352x576(480) Resolution.

    Is it possible to use CVD resolution??

    In ifo edit you can change aspect ratio and resolution but when i play the movie in Power DVD it comes out wrong. When I look at the info in the Config tab. it says that the source movie is in 16/9 and letterboxed BUT 704/576..... instead of 352/576

    Is the problem Spruce Up or what am I doing wrong????

    Ps. The guide works great with full dvd resolution..
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  16. Whoops wrong topic
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  17. this method of ripping backup dvd is probably the most dvd compliant
    method ever designed.i swear by this method,BUT HOWEVER I DO HAVE SOME CONCERNS.some of the software that you have mentioned is NO LONGER also state DO NOT ASK FOR WAREZ ON THIS FORUM/SITE.for us people who have this software,we are very fortunate.
    but those who havent are at a loose end. do we help them out or is it a case of tough titty ????
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  18. Unfortunantly, we DO NOT do any warez at all here; but there nothing that says you can't explain the fundementals of Direct Connect to someone
    I've heard U can get TMGenc (craked and stable), Ulead DVD MF, CCE, many many many others (Maestro, many others); of course I'm only speaking in refferance to recovering lost purchased software
    No need for toughened titts here
    heh, the symbold are neat
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    Great guide.

    I have used it with great success. However, the cd bitrate size is a little baffling. I know some have said their completed amount is way over their settings. I have had no problems setting this to 4350MB, and I am thinking of going to 4400 or 4450. I come in very close to the selected size. (Remember a DVDR can hold 4.37G OR 4482MB) In fact, I have usually come in a little under the selected amount after everything is done. I have even done Saving Private Ryan (Long movie). The length of the movie shouldn't matter as long as the minimum bitrate tab is unchecked, DVD2SVCD should adjust the average bitrate accordingly.

    I use CCE 2-Pass (If that mattters)
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  20. where can I get a demo of spruceUp at? I cannot find it anywhere, or maybe a web address to the home?

    Thanx alot.

    what is a good program to use to burn to dvd+r after using dvd2svcd to rip and convert to mpeg?

    Thanx again

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    I use CCE 2-Pass (If that mattters)
    I meant to say CCE 3-Pass.

    I have, now, successfully used this method by setting the CD Size to 4500. All three times I have come under the 4482 mark by about 30 megs. Which is odd, because the settings are over the DVDR max. But they have always come under. They were Back to the Future I, II, and III. All about three hour movies. I will probably leave this setting (4500) were it is. It fills the disk nicely.

    I have also been using DVD Maestro, instead of Spruceup and Ifoedit when DVD2SVCD is done. It imports a little faster, plus it can do the original chapters, subtitiles, and it can do 16:9. All in one step. However, to get the chapters you must rip with DVD Decrypter and in the settings under IFO check "DVD Maestro chapters" then make sure you rip in IFO mode. It will create a file that can be imported in DVD Maestro. Subtitles need to be stripped using Subrip. Then those can also be imported in DVD Maestro.

    If anyone is interested in the method I can wright a more detailed way of doing it.
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    Umm ... I have tried on several occasions to get this damned package, DVD2DVD-R. Is anyone hosting this friggin file on a server that will give me better than 100 BYTES per second?
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  23. This guide looks good but can u tell me does it reduce the quality of the movie ie converting it to svcd or does it keep its dvd quality
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    Theoretically, in a utopian digital world where everything is 0s and 1s, there would be no loss in data conversion. However, since you are not only converting the data, but also *compressing* it, you will most definately lose quality.

    It depends highly on the video stream you are compressing, however. If the stream is high-quality, high-bitrate, compressing it will bring out more pronouced effects than if the orinigal quality is low or of a low bitrate.

    Bottom line, as a rule, you will lose quality when you put DVD quality video onto a CD.
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  25. I am attempting to use DVD2SVCD to create a DVDR and I have a question for the aspect ratio?

    I am currently trying Scarface which is WIDESCREEN, doesn't that mean 16:9. The title of the DVD is Scareface_43_Letterboxed and when I load the IFO of the main movie into DVD2SVCD it selects 4:3 for the aspect ratio.

    Should I change this or leave it?

    If I leave the aspect ratio as 4:3 won't DVD2SCVD remove the black borders?

    Any experienced comments are appreciated, Thanks.
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  26. it's really too bad that CCE will not run on a Pentium II. Is there any way to get around this? I'd like to try encoding with this program or something similar that would work.
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  27. Guest
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  28. @dpcpro

    I am eager to know if you got any reply to your last post since Feb 06 2003 because it seems I have a similar problem with the movie 'The Thing' which stipulates on the DVD label that it is 'WIDESCREEN 2.35:1 ANAMORPHIC'

    IFOEdit mentions only the DAR as being 4.3 however when I watch the information through PowerDVD it says 4.3 and letterbox.
    Visually it seems to be widescreen though. Also when watching it on my Widescreen TV it looks like the Anamorphic enhancement is not there anymore.

    In any case what I would like to do is possibly experiment with either DVD2SVCD and/or IFOEdit to solve that problem and also remove the black bars while retaining the anamorphic and without compromising the aspec ratio.
    Where ever you go... there you dvdland
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  29. Hello,

    I am going to try the guide overnight. I was just wondering one thing. The guide doesn't seem to be usable for multiple audio streams and or subtitles. I am thinking of doing the following:

    *Use this guide for video only
    *Use dvd decrypter or smartripper to demux all audio and sub streams (so I have audio and subs seperately)
    *then I can author a new dvd with the video stream made by this guide and the audio streams and subtitles I ripped seperately. IFoedit is free and should be able to do this.

    Has anyone tried this yet? The only problem I see is to try and get a good size video file. I will have to look for some kind of calculator. I guess the best I can do is first rip the subs and audio I want. Subtract that from the size of a dvd-5 and what is left can be used as a target file size for video.

    apart from that chapterxtractor can extract the chapters which can be insterted in ifoedit.
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  30. I've got 2 pees worth to toss in, no im usa. bot the sony 500 and never got it to work.

    I tried mij's guide and am fine till the ifo edit. it only makes a bup and ifo file for me, previous tries got me a full file's image. I now reread and see that using ifo edit is to make sure spruce up's 4/3-ing of the "dvd" is to make it 16x9 and auto-lbxed.

    next stop is the burn program. may be my shyness, but i didnt want to upgrade on sony site the included veritas record now app; visited the stomp forum thing, but didn't understand the if upgrade was free or costs. But my veritas record says in its Help that its v4.50.

    I have some neros, not sure tho they work with the sony - yes i updated the sony, on another computer, tho.
    [I wonder if ... bet i needs to upgrade the sony dru500 on this new computer, whaddya think if i havent already.]

    still, i burned out the disc using the included veritas record now 4.50.

    wouldnt play on the sony carousel 650; the pioneer 440 spit it out; and the apex 600 just sat there "loading disc"

    maybe i need to upgrade the standalones!!

    anyways, to recap : I THink i must Be Doing something wrong in ifoedit.

    [am experienced in dvd2svcd in its original use; got all the settings right.]

    and i dont like my "included" burn program. Tho it seemed to follow what ive read up here - data disc. The files previewed fine in spruce up; didnt check it after ifo edit, tho.

    anyone point me to a burn program? or do i needs to update the sony drive? and the burn program to max ?

    does the sony 500 work with nero ? questions 25 or 6 to 4 ... answers ?
    what i gotta do/buy now?
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