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  1. I am coverting a NTSC DVD to NTSC VCD but keep getting a shadow type effect when fast or even slight movements are made, what can i do to slove this. The original DVD is fine when i play it. I am using flask mpeg [for subtitles] and tmpgenc if this helps.
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    sounds like what you are seeing is the dreaded ghosting effect when two interlaced fields are blended during high motion scenes.

    - what's the rez on your source/DVD?
    - what's the rez on your VCD?
    - if any, where are you doing the resizing from one rez to the other? flaskmpeg? tmpgenc?

    does anyone know if there is a "smart" deinterlacer filter (like the one with vdub) in flaskmpeg or tmpgenc?

    instead of flaskmpeg->tmpgenc, you may want to try dvd2avi->tmpgenc.
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  3. well...i personally have used the "de-interlace" filter in tempgenc w/ great success....i also use the "blend" option under that filter...seems to get rid of the interlaced effects w/o affecting the quality of the dvd rip
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