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  1. My System is as fallows

    Win2k pro SP2
    Dual 1Ghz PIIIs, not OCed, on a SuperMicro PDG6e MotherBoard (GX Chipset)
    1GB Ram, ECC if that maters.
    SBLive1024 no problems with it... I don't play many games
    Adaptec 29160 with 2 Cheetah x15s
    1st drive has 2 partitions 1 for System plus Apps & 1 for Swap File
    2nd drive is 1 NTFS capture Partition
    SIIG UDMA 66 card with some old 14 GB UDMA 66 IBM DeskStar Drive. Write Cache Disabled
    Generic PCI 10/100 NIC

    And the Asus v7700 Deluxe 64MB AGP card. This card has Svideo in and out and Composite through an adapter. I am not sure which vidcap chip this card uses.

    The Problem. I can't get more than 9fps (average about 6fps) Capturing at 640x480 or 704x480. I can Cap at up to 352x240 @30+ fps all day long No frame drops at all.
    When I Use Huffy in the stats window for media player, my "actual" Frame rate is variable. When I cap with PicView Mjpeg, the video is just as choppy as the huffy caps but the "actual" frame rate stays at 29.97. I assume that it just adds frames.

    The vfw driver that asus installs is called "ASUS VfW Capture Driver v1.1 for Windows 2000"
    When I go into the device manager the only options that I get in its "properties" tab are to use or not to use this device. There is a settings button liy up but clicking it does nothing.

    I have Tryed Capturing with VirtualDub 1.4x, AVI I/O, AsusLive and Premiere 6.
    When caping at 352x240 and lower in any of the programs, I get no dropped frames.
    At 640x480 and up, I get dropped frames in Premiere, AVI I/O, AsusLive and VeeDub. Although AVI I/O doesn't report the frames as dropped.

    What is going on here?

    Asus claims 704x480 @ 30fps. In both 9x and 2k... It does however say that capture performance in 9x is slightly better.

    I am Capturing Video off of really poor quality VHS Dubs from old VHS and CVHS(I think) Camcorders. These tapes are from 91 and are crapy to begin with, so I need all of the Resolution I can Squeeze....

    Please speak up if you have any thoughts.



    P.S. I have tried Capturing in Overlay, Preview and No Preview modes... Same result each time.
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  2. Nice system. I'd be heartbroken with that performance too.

    Some software that is not designed with multiple processors in mind have worse performance than when it runs on a single processor.

    As a test, you might try temporarily changing the HAL.DLL to the uniprocessor version and see if that makes a difference. You can do that in Device Manager, changing the driver for the type of computer and rebooting.

    Another thing to check for would be software running in the background (anti-virus, etc). It only takes one poorly written app to cripple a system's performance.
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  3. well, I have the same card and a pretty good system, and as I have posted before, it only seems to capture well in 98 and ME but in Win2k it really does quite bad.

    I have tried everything to improve the capture, different drivers etc, but it all comes down to Asus not providing a good driver yet...

    Sad to say, I will not be using ASUS again for my Video card...

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