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  1. Dazzle Digital Video Creator II DVC II Vs.Pinnacle Systems DV500 Plus Digital Editing Card 21010

    What one is better?
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  2. Well that depends do you have a digital video camera or an analog? What is the video source? If you are capturing footage from you digital video camera then the pinnacle product is the better solution. If not then obviously the DV500 is not a solution at all. Basically for editing the Pinnacle product comes with Premiere 6 which is far superior to the Moviestar software that dazzle provides. If you have a digital camera and the cash then definitley purchase the Pinnacle card.
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    There's a bit more to it than that.
    The DVC II is just about useless for editing. However, it captures directly to Mpeg I or II. The Pinnacle card must use software to convert your video after editing.

    The quality of Mpeg files created with the DVC II is excellent.
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  4. And for the money of DV500 Plus (retail for $799), you can have both DVC II, and a firewire card with Ulead MediaStudio 6 (arguable equal to Premiere 6.0, if not better), and still have about $200 to do other upgrades.

    You can have Pyro Pro, which is a Firewire card/MidiaStudio bundle for slightly over $300 or lower.

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  5. All I want to do is record off of satilite dish
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  6. I'd go with the DVC II for tv stuff. I does a great job.

    that's what I have and use it for recording tv shows.
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