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  1. Hello there I'm new here.
    I have problems with burning VOB file with nero as mini DVD on a CD-R.
    How do you actualy do this?
    I only have an CD-R recorder.
    If I chose for DVD in Nero and I'm trying to burn Nero say I don't have an DVD recorder wat is true but I'm trying to write it with my CD recorder!
    Can someone help me out.

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  2. Hope you have one of the 2% of the DVD players on the market that actually support miniDVDs, otherwise you are wasting your time.

    You have to create the DVD structure w/ another app. Nero will not create e miniDVD like it does DVD. You need a DVD authoring program to either build the title set, and then burn the CDR in NERO using the UDF/ISO9660 mode. Or you can use the dvd authoring app to create an image, and simply burn the image as you would any other with Nero.
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  3. Thnks. Great. I have a try.
    My player is mentioned in a list for minidvd it's an Hiteker BI-600-E
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