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View Poll Results: Which type of DVD Burner do you own?

930. This poll is closed
  • DVD-R(W)

    305 32.80%
  • DVD+R(W)

    151 16.24%

    8 0.86%
  • NONE

    72 7.74%
  • DVD-R(W) / DVD RAM

    34 3.66%
  • DVD-R(W) / DVD+R(W)

    303 32.58%
  • DVD±R(W) / DVD RAM

    57 6.13%
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    Sony and LG rocks now, but I only have 104

  2. Just purchased the NEC-1300A from Great deal: under $180 delivered with extended warranty. So far, so good...burned several discs successfully. Now waiting for my shipment of x4 media so I can test FAST burns.

    Drive came with 1.05 firmware. Upgrade to the latest "hacked" 1.07 firmware was a breeze.

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    I just got the Pioneer DVR-106D from AVlogic for 159.94 shipped. They also had the NEC 1300A for 139.00 shipped but choose the pioneer over it cause I have heard some problems with the nec and have heard more good things about the pioneer

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    Originally Posted by IremainAMisterE
    Hahahahahaha! Look at the percentage difference between -R and +R.
    The naysayers better get used to this because -R DVD burners are the future.
    If you mean because there are more people with "-" then there are with "+",
    Thats kind of like saying when dvd's came out vhs would win because more people had vhs, not exactly the same but has -R not been around longer so of course more people would be using that format at the moment ??
    I bought a second burner that is +/- combo so i can pretty much burn what i want
    Besides, from the numbers i am seeing now it looks pretty close between the 2 formats,
    DVD-R(W) 35% [ 287 ]
    DVD+R(W) 16% [ 130 ]
    DVD-R(W) / DVD+R(W) 30% [ 245 ]
    At least as far as dual format burners go..........

  5. I voted for DVD-R only because I was an early adopter and I have stuck with the format that works for me. I currently have a Pioneer A05 and will continue to use it untill it dies (hopefully not soon). Only then, and then only will I worry about format wars cuz I may have only one choice when its time to purchase!

    I really don't like the + Format anyhow since Sony is pushing it. Sony always comes up with silly proprietary formats (ie. Memory Stick) that are always more exspensive and have a low compatability rate.

  6. Hi

    Pioneer have shipped over 5 million DVD-RW/DVD-R writers, beating the competition.



  7. All I can say is that at a recent poll (first quarter of 2003) the majority of the people are burning not in DVD-R or DVD+R but in DVD+RW. Meaning that the sales of DVD+RW surpasses the sales of any of the other formats. This means that the above poll is not large enough to represent the average DVD writer user. It also means that drives with DVD+R/+RW capability IS the favorite choice.

    For more info:


  8. Hi

    If you honesty believe that +RW media is outselling not only +R but DVD-R then you don't know alot about DVD recording.

    It would also give the manufacturers quite a shock as for this to be true, each +RW disc leaving the factory must magically divide in transit to arrive as 50 at the shop, otherwise physically there just isn't enough +RW discs produced to make this anywhere near true!

    I do wish people would apply a reality filter before posting



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    Have 2 Sonys and now 2 new Plextors PX-708A. And an older HP 200I (it sits alot doing nothing). I have had great reliabilty from the Sonys and look forward to putting the Plextors to the test.

  10. proud owner of teac 50d +/-r 4x.
    No coasters yet and it is tested with a variety of media.Great burner...

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    I got a NEC 1300A OEM dvd-+rw drive. Under £100.

    Great - update to herries 1.05v hacked firmware and it burns without a problem on the cheapest of 4x dvd-r disks. £22 for 25 disks.

    FANTASTIC drive - don't beleive the bad reports it burns like a dream (providing you update to herries firmware - the original firmware doesnt do much for the drive at all, i couldnt burn ANYTHING with it).

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    just got the MEMOREX 32023235....using DVDXCOPY PLATINUM....

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    sony dru 510a all the way baby...holla back
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    Change the poll to read "purchased in last 6 months" and the -R to +R ratio will flip-flop. I bet most of those legacy -R drives are about to be upgraded shortly after XMAS.
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  15. You'd think that, but I know myself, as well as others would never get a +R Drive. At best most people purchase the Pioneer A06 because it can do both, while almost no one uses +R media with it. They just keep the option around for insurance.

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    Personally I support the idea of resetting the poll. I'll look into it...

  17. Originally Posted by Gazorgan
    Change the poll to read "purchased in last 6 months" and the -R to +R ratio will flip-flop. I bet most of those legacy -R drives are about to be upgraded shortly after XMAS.
    Why in the world would someone do that? -R is still more compatable with standalone players (albeit only slightly), and there is no compelling reason to switch to a +R only player yet (8x, maybe, unless 16x -R is fully in view soon). I know I'll keep using -R simply because I have many -R DVDs burned and I know if my standalone plays one, it will play them all. If I switch to +R, then I have to worry about my standalone playing some and not others.

    I think most will buy dual format and end up buying the cheaper -R media, honestly. I think most of the +R will come from people who get a burner bundled in their computer package from places like Dell.

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