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  1. I use a lite-on 40x-12x-48x burner. I have nero

    I have been able to overburn files for a long time now and suddenly it stoped working.

    I want to burn a divx file that is 750mb but it has been saying that the cd has insufficient space.

    Please someone help. I know i can do it because i have been able to burn 804mb in the past.
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  2. If you are burning a CD-ROM, an 80min/700MB disc has a capacity of about 700MB (not surprisingly) without overburning. Even with overburning, you will be lucky to get more than 20 MB of additional capacity.

    You can burn more (about 796MB) on a S/VCD because it burns in MODE2 Form2 (which you cannot do as a CD-ROM) where you get more user data per sector at the expense of the ECC you get for CD-ROMs.

    Michael Tam
    w: Morsels of Evidence
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  3. For some reason I have been able to overburn on data cds before :/

    Maybe not as much as svcds but now it wont even let me go 705mb.
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  4. I have seen "allow overburn" option somewhere, which You have accidentaly unchecked. Can't tell, where as my present PC (notebook) has no burner, but search Help for "overburn" it has to be there.
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  5. I have that checked. FIrst place i looked

    Any other ideas?
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