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  1. what do i do help please i have the cables for my dvd player but no input on my tv help what do i do ????
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  2. Some TV do not have S-video in. Newer ones do.

    If your TV has video IN and audio IN, then use the RCA cables to connect video/audio OUT if the DVD player to the TV.

    If your TV is too old that it does not even have those video/audio IN(only coax or antenna input) then I would say go get a new TV.

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  3. Or (if you don't mind paying about $40 USD)

    Buy a RF Modulator. If your TV has coax, you can plug the DVD player, VCR, etc... into the modulator and then plug the modulator into your TV.

    I had to do this to plug up my DVD player and VCR to my TV.
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    If you go to Radio Shack, they have a S-Video/RCA converter. However, it's kind of pointless to do that. ktnwin is right. You should just get a new tv.
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