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  1. this is a basic dvd to divx guide that will hopefully help some newbies out.
    its is basic with no pics. but if someone is interested in sprucing it up that is fine.

    How to rip a dvd to divx

    Programs u will need
    I make a new folder on my desktop and do all my work into it to make things simple

    First thing u need to do is play the dvd for a few seconds
    Then open Smartripper
    Under settings(Movie Tab) make sure u have these checked.key-check(every vob), file-splitting (every vob), under options check these create list-file, unlock drive, demacro,copy ifo-file, and create info-file. Vob access should be auto. Select your target folder and start.

    Next open DVD2AVI
    click file, open and find your folder where u put the smartripper vobs files at and select the first vob file. u will see a box open with all the vob files then. select ok. under the audio select none for the track number(we will do audio next)
    then click file and save avi, then u will get a little dialog box popup. under compression select your divx codec and then click config. I use 1-pass and usually set the kbps between 700-800. click ok and then set your target folder for the divx.

    Next open Vob2Audio

    click voblist and find your folder where u put the smartripper stuff at. select the list file (should be the only 1 the program see's) and then look in audio stream. if u dont see any streams u need to close the program and opne the folder where smartripper put the stuff in and u will see a new batch file. run that batch file and u will have the audio streams now. under audio streams it will be the first stream made in english. slect your target file and start

    Next open Virtualdub
    click file and find your new divx file
    under the video tab make sure u have direct stream copy checked
    then click audio and click wav audio. find your audio file that vob2audio made and select it. then click audio again and go to full processing mode, then click audio again and click compression. find your mp3 codec and then select a compression u want, generally use 128 either 44100 or 48000 ok click file, save as avi, select your target folder and your done.

    if u have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to let me know
    Thankz, AlRiGhTyThEn
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  2. you really wanna help out some newbies?

    send them to

    ******* easiest (soooo easy) way to create divx movies with quality results.. a little bit of tweaking, and you've got a masterpiece on your hands..
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  3. You want the best QUALITY for your DivX....

    Maybe you chummers learn how to use Nandub

    Until I have the profile that lets me play Mpeg4/DivX on DVD-units I will keep using Nandub. And yes DVD-units are coming out that support Mpeg4.

    Vidomi is crap compared to Nandub or even DivX 5.02 Pro 2pass w/ Virtualdub. And lets not forget XviD 2pass w/ Virtualdub 8)

    Easy does not make for the best QUALITY :P
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  4. Start a new thread if you want to ask a question, and only post it in one forum.

    Edited by Craig Tucker
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