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    Just a rather simple question. Back in my newbie days I had an avi of a
    movie that I was working on. I did not know any better as I was just
    starting out with this whole VCD thing and I converted it to PAL. I have
    since deleted the original file.

    Is there any way to re-encode this movie back to the original way it
    looked (Not stetched)?

    In the original avi the movie was not stretched but now it is. I just want
    it back to the normal NTSC format.

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    Converting to PAL should have no bearing on the aspect ratio once played in a DVD player. If the video meets PAL S/VCD standards then it will look OK once authored.

    If you only want to watch the video on your computer then either download a player that allows you to set up custom aspect ratios or reencode the video to a more appropriate resolution.
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