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  1. I was playing around with some VOB's in QT today and I noticed something that may allow for VOB to SVCD conversion in ffmpegX 0.0.4a (without having to first go through encoding to DivX and then through DivX Doctor). What I did was take a VOB and I added audio that was in AIFF format. Then I saved it as a self contained movie. So now it is read as a QT movie. This allowed me to open it up in QT Mutator and sync the audio. Because it is now read as a QT movie, this would lead me to believe that you could go directly from this to an SVCD because in ffmpegX 0.0.4a you go from a QT movie to an SVCD. I haven't tested this myself because I'm runnning v0.0.3. Am I correct in my thinking or am I way off the mark?

    (BTW, you'll need the QT MPEG-2 component to test this out)
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  2. I'm adding direct VOB -> SVCD in 0.0.4b, though your method could maybe work also.
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    Are you also addressing the sync issue in the next release ? Also, at the risk of sounding anxious, do you know when you are releasing the next version ?

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