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  1. I have searched and tried many different things but recently Windows Media Player started giving me a message saying "Class not registered" whenever I try playing MPEG-2 files (SVCD or DVD) that I created with CCE. I also tried upgrading to WMP 9 beta and still have the same problem. Of course there is no info on MS help page on this.

    I realize that this is a codec problem but I have tried many things. I uninstalled/installed PowerVCRII/PowerDVD and the Indeo software that comes with it. I also have uninstalled/reinstalled the latest Nimo codec pack. The files won't even play in PowerDVD.

    I know that the files are not corrupt because I used to be able to play them. I don't know what I installed that messed everything up but any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I am currently running Windows XP if that makes a difference on this issue. Right now I'm thinking my only possible solution is a clean install.
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  2. I am posting my solution here in case anyone else has a similar problem.

    Windows Media Player can play the MPEG-2 file as long as you have an MPEG-2 filter. I cannot play the SVCD disc though. The problem was quite interesting. Installing PowerDVD should have installed a MPEG-2 filter that would have allowed WMP to play the file. I downloaded a free standalone filter from this link MPEG2Codec Installer and installed it. The first time through the install it gave me an error and said that the filter was already installed. I uninstalled it from the tool and re-installed and everything worked fine.

    I was able to replicate the problem. It seems as though something got locked up while I was installing software. I had installed the latest Nimo and the latest DVD2SVCD. There are different versions of the same software in these packages.

    I'm glad I was able to sort through this problem and hopefully this solution will help anyone else having a similar one.
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