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  1. Hello everybody
    I'm currently using Linux, and I need help with some MPEG1 files (VCD Pal) I have
    The problem is that if i burn them "as it is" with VCDImager the resulting VCD plays perfectly with PC software readers, while on tabletop readers they "skid very often
    Under Windows I used to pass them through TMPGenc at maximum precision, and they worked great after that.
    Wht programs can I use in place of TMPGenc under Linux? And where can I find them?
    Thanks a lot
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  2. I used wine in Linux to run TMPGENC and it worked for me. WINE is a console program that runs WINDOWS applications in Linux. I just did a small sample so how well it does I'm not sure and it was a bit awkward. I'm really not much of an authority on LINUX but enjoy playing with it. I was just seeing what Windows programs Wine could run. The version of wine I got is from
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    Have you tried vcdgear ?
    I don't know if it helps, but all the vcd's I made with that tool (using the -fix option now and then) played without problems on my dvd-player
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  4. Linux has a good program called transcode to transfer from one format to another format. I use this software to do everything: convert DVD to mpeg1 (VCD) mpeg2 (SVCD), and mpeg4 (e.g. divx, ffmpeg, xvid).
    It can also be used to convert mpeg1 to other format as you want.
    Beside transcode, you also need the "mjpeg" tool for mpeg1 or mpeg2 conversion. For mpeg4, you need to download divx, xvid or ffmpeg.
    Use google to search for "transcode" or "mjpeg" tool and you will find where the documentation is located and its homepage.
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