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  1. Hello friends, I have tried to find answer for this question on this forum and everywhere else but no use... Here's my question.

    1. Is there any capture card that can be purchased in US and used here( with NTSC singal ) and later used to capture in PAL(UK) singal ? I would prefer if some hardware compression built into the card.

    2. Is there any TV tuner card that can be purchased in US and can tune-in with NTSC while I am in US and later tune-in to PAL(UK) after I move.

    Any inputs on this issue are appriciated...



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    WinTV Go (~$50) can do this.
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  3. Thanks TendTend for your reply, I asked the same question to Tech support for WinTV,

    Question :

    > Can WinTV PCI card ( Model 404 ) decode NTSC and PAL(UK) signals ? Is there any other board which can do this ?

    Answer :

    >No, the board has an NTSC tuner(hardware). The tuner >cannot decode PAL video. A PAL model WinTV board would be >necessary.

    That made me think I will have to buy two seperate boards...

    Could you please elaborate on your prev. post ? Have you experienced this yourself ? Does it depend on which software one uses ?



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  4. If you do capture from the sources other than built-in tuner, I believe most TV Tuner/Capture card can do both NTSC and PAL.

    Otherwise, if you want to capture from the tuner, you are limited by it's system, either NTSC or PAL, but not both.
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  5. Hi samyboy,
    This is based on personal experience:
    2 years ago I bought a Winnov Videum AV takes in both PAL and NTSC RCA inputs or S-video (no output), has integrated audio on card (for $170 at
    This year I ugraded my graphics display card to the ATI Rage Fury Pro, It also is a capture card and takes PAL and NTSC inputs (RCA or S-video) and also has video out ($80 after rebate at Best Buy)
    I've used a PAL camcorder and NTSC VCR to make video clips and VCDs too, no problems with either card.
    Hope this helps.
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  6. Samyboy,

    You can buy any TV card with PAL support only if you're going to capture UK stuff using S-video or composite input (or SCART). There is known problem for UK - PAL I.
    You should be very lucky to fing PAL-I board in the States.

    However, if the only thing you want to do is the described above, then go for it. But if you want to view the TV using the TV-card tuner - forget about it - there will be no sound.

    Good luck,
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  7. The (European) ATI AIW Radeon will do NTSC and PAL captures but, as someone above said, will only pick up PAL TV via the tuner. However, looking at the tuner setup list it appears that it will pick up all variations of PAL and not just PAL-I. Incidentally, I am in the UK if this makes any difference
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  8. Well, I am looking at the package of my PCTV. It says:
    Sounds good, isn't it? But - there is another sticker and it says PAL I PCTV GB.

    Unfortunately, my video was bought out of UK and it is PAL BG/DK. Nope! No sound via TV tuner!

    So I plugged it to composite + sound card and now I am able to capture video.


    BTW, I am in UK, too. if it does matter.
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  9. Thanks all you folks for your feedback.

    gsamr1, I already have nice Voodoo graphics card so don't really want to put money in new graphics card. But thanks for your suggestion on Rage Fury Pro. If I don't find anything else, I will go for that.

    Now I am thinking more on lines of Pinnacle DC10+. It's a capture card does s-video in.

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